IAAP Recipe Card

recipeCard-5x7This was a project for the IIAP. They were putting together a cookbook and wanted to send out a PDF to all their members that could be filled in and sent back. They then collated them all into a cookbook.

Zoo Poster

This was one of my first Adobe Illustrator projects. The goal was to produce a poster for the San Diego Zoo where the main focus was an animal created using gradients and the gradient mesh tool. I thought a Zebra would present an interesting challenge and cause a large amount of meticulous work… Turns out, it did. I was seeing stripes for days!

Magazine Cover

This was an Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator marketing project. The goal was to design a cover for an existing publication using certain techniques. The techniques to be used were photo filters and warps. Also learned in this project were packaging and output for print techniques.

San Diego Downtown Map

This was another Adobe Illustrator project. The goal was to create a map of Downtown San Diego using specific Illustrator techniques. Mainly the layer style function and path style definitions. As this is one of the “coolest” areas of San Diego this was a fun project to work on.


This was an Adobe Illustrator project. The goal was to create an object using gradients and the gradient mesh tool. I chose to re-create a Chevy Camaro because I thought the lighting and metallic texture would present a good challenge. I always like to challenge myself, especially while learning. I think that it helps the technique “sink” in more that way.

Fur Campaign

This was an anti-fur class project. We were to design a poster for the Fur Free Alliance. The goal of the ad was to disuade people from wearing fur with vivid imagery. My concept was to have a beautiful girl on the poster, but make it appear as if an animal was wearing her as skin. The tag line says it all, “They don’t wear us, so don’t wear them!”